Secrets to Creating Pleasure Waves

Helen’s story:

As a post-menopausal woman maintaining the health of my yoni (vulva/vagina) is foremost in my mind. I have learned blood flow is of the upmost importance for healthy tissue. Incorporating pleasure as I create engorgement takes away any element of this being a chore. Yoni eggs have been central to this!

Yoni eggs have increased the sensitivity of my yoni to pleasure, making me much more aware of the various structures in my yoni and their responses to stimulation. It has dramatically increased the natural lubrication and enhanced the elasticity.


Jade eggs are a great starting point for creating pleasure waves, leading to yoni/vulval/vaginal health and vitality. They are deeply grounding. Drilled eggs can be used with a string. Undrilled eggs are easy to clean. Jade is less fragile than some other materials. Only use eggs that have been created specifically for internal use to ensure there are no unwanted chemicals present.

I highly recommend Yoni Pleasure Palace* to source your Yoni Eggs. YPP ships their amazing products globally.

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