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your Sensual!


Age 63

I am finding exploring the Blueprints very freeing and very empowering.

The Erotic Blueprints™

Energetic Blueprint
sensual blueprint
Sexual Blueprint
Kinky Blueprint
Shapeshifter Blueprint











Here are my top 10 Secrets for Experiencing Delicious Pleasure Waves!

Pleasure Waves can be large or small, intense or mild, electrically charged or subtle, highly memorable or easily forgotten.

There is no right or wrong way to experience pleasure waves.

Pleasure is not static.

Pleasure experiences can vary widely from one moment in time to another.

How expansive is your pleasure repertoire?

  1. Know how to feed your Blueprint type/s through touch. Try the lightest of touch, barely moving the hairs on your arms (Energetic); contouring touch (Sensual); scratching lightly, biting and/or slaps (Sensation Kink), boss yourself around, commanding or not allowing various touches (Psychological Kink); or a delicious mix of all of the above (Shapeshifter).
  2. Don’t assume that your pleasure zones are the same as the ones that are bandied around in the media. There are many myths out there! The clitoris may be the most pleasurable spot for some vulva-bodies, but for others it may be the P-spot or the O-spot. Each of them has their own unique set of sensations! The same for cocks. There are many pleasurable areas to be explored! Can you handle 5-minutes of light touch on your perineum or your scrotum? What about twisting the shaft?
  3. Read and listen to learn about your own erogenous zones. What you learned at school is not enough! Here is a great place to learn about the penis. Women’s physiology and arousal is best explained by Sheri Winston in her book Women’s Anatomy of Arousal.
  4. “Every cell in your body is wired for pleasure” (Jaiya)  There is so much to explore! Take time to explore your fingers, ears or toes. Sounds goofy but give it a go!
  5. Allow ALL your emotions! Widen your emotional repertoire! Be prepared to cry, laugh or scream while experiencing pleasure. Don’t hold it in!!!!!!  “The emotional release leads to the next level of arousal.” (Jaiya) 
  6. It takes time and focus to experience pleasure. Clear all the distractions, set up the space with lighting, smells and sounds that are conducive to dropping into pleasure. Schedule an uninterrupted period-of-time. Yes – turn off your devices! Allow time for your body to clear the static and tune in.
  7. It can take 45-minutes for a vulva/yoni to reach engorgement. The pleasures can exponentially increase when fully engorged tissue is stimulated. Take the time needed. Look in a mirror to see the beautiful colours or engorged tissue. Try it just once! (While a penis often engorges quite quickly, it too can handle long periods of stimulation and a wide variety of pleasurable sensations)
  8. Edging is an amazing key to pleasure waves. It can be used to raise your pleasure threshold. The technique involves becoming aroused and pausing before you reach the point of no return, allowing the intensity to drop and then return to stimulation again. This can be done several times in a session, increasing the time spent in intense pleasure.
  9. Change things up. “A habit can become a rut and a rut can become a grave” (Jaiya). Use your non-dominant hand, change your position or posture, change your environment
  10. Claim all your peak pleasurable moments as …gasms! Heartgasms, elbowgasms, screamgasms, body-flow energetic orgasms, or unnamed pleasure moments!


Age 40

I was so not in my body!

Now I take my body with me wherever I go!