Connection is why we are here - Brené Brown

Expanding capacity for giving and receiving pleasure is what Pleasure Waves clients experience. Overcoming obstacles, whatever they are, or however they present, clears the way.

Pleasure is your birthright and it is time to claim it!

Pleasure Waves utilises the Erotic BlueprintsTM to create a framework for achieving sexual aliveness!

Pleasure Waves; Helen Rowlands

Helen Rowlands, the creator of Pleasure Waves, is Australia’s first active Blueprint CoachTM.

Helen embraced the Blueprints as a key tool in her personal healing. The Blueprints played a pivotal role in her recovery from life and health challenges. Jaiya Ma’s approach of defining where you currently are and where you want to be was the pivot point. The Blueprints provided the tools to create lasting change. This led Helen to becoming a coach.

Helen is married to Philip. They are a monogamous couple, married over 40 years, with adult children. The Blueprints have brought them closer together, creating a conscious relationship and deep intimacy. Helen’s Blueprint is Energetic/Sensual TM and Philip Sexual/Energetic TM.

Helen works online with clients around the globe.


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Blueprint Coach; Erotic Blueprint; Intimacy Coach; Sexuality Coach
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