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Connection IS Why We Are Here
Brené Brown

Pleasure Waves; Helen Rowlands

Helen Rowlands is the Creator of Pleasure Waves. Her mission is access to deeply embodied pleasure for all!

Helen is passionate about living life fully expressed in her Energetic/Sensual Blueprint™. The transformation created personally, and in her marriage, led Helen to becoming a Certified Blueprint Breakthrough Coach™ (as seen on Netflix).

Helen is married to Phil. Their relationship of over 40 years is vibrant and constantly evolving.

Helen brings a unique blend of skills to her coaching, creating deep healing for her clients. She has decades of experience in education, is a Blueprint Breakthrough Coachand an Accelerated EvolutionCoach and a Certified Qi Gong teacher. 

Helen is based on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. She works online, primarily with women aged 40 years and above. Couples and all genders are also welcome to enquire. Her clients are from Australia, New Zealand and anywhere else on the globe.

Qi Gong classes are available online and in person.

Read about Helen’s journey on The Blueprint Breakthrough

To begin your journey book your Complimentary Discovery Call

The Blueprints

Energetic Blueprint
sensual blueprint
Sexual Blueprint
Kinky Blueprint
Shapeshifter Blueprint











Are you curious about coaching with Helen?

Pleasure Waves coaching is based around the  Blueprint Breakthrough Program™.

The initial offering is a personalised package of 8 to 10 coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions are generally about 90 minutes with homeplay notes provided.

The starting point is to book a Discovery Call. This call is the beginning of your goal setting and an opportunity to see if we are a match before you dive in!

On this call I will ask some questions that possibly no one has ever asked you before!


age 40

I feel really happy and comfortable with where I am at.

I am more true to myself, knowing what I want and speaking my boundaries. 

I’m a beautiful, amazing person and I am proud of who I am!



age 52

I felt very unnourished, like I was going through the motions.

Tenderness towards myself was not on the radar. 

Now I am a bigger me, my own advocate and best friend.



age 40

I felt frustration and anger around feeling not cared about, loved or protected.

I love how I feel now being by myself.

It’s like a miracle! 

The loneliness has gone!


Pleasure is your birthright!
It's time to claim it now!

Accelerated Evolution Coach