Pleasure Waves

What is your relationship to pleasure?

Are you aware of moving in and out of pleasure over your day?

Do you allow yourself access to pleasure and pleasure states?

Hi. I am Helen Rowlands, the founder of Pleasure Waves. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my amazing husband Phil. We have been in relationship for over 40 years. We have experienced a long and winding journey to a place where we are now experiencing a level of intimacy we could never have imagined!

As a highly sensitive person I have lived much of my life in overwhelm. My access to pleasure was extremely limited as my nervous system was constantly over-activated. However, I am a natural born problem solver. When I discovered through the Erotic BlueprintsTM that I am wired as an Energetic/Sensual my whole world changed. I found that there were skills I could learn to access my own pleasure at ever deeper levels. My passion is to bring pleasure to the world!

I live a deeply embodied holistic lifestyle, and have a passion for deep personal transformation. I specialise in holistic sexuality. My clients may be suffering from chronic conditions that affect their access to pleasure, or struggle for energy in their daily living, or simply want a richer, fuller expression of themselves.

I love to work with fellow Australians and others in Oceania. I am also available for clients in other countries. Time zones work well for the US and Canada.

Exploring your Erotic BlueprintTM is a transformative journey. If you dive into this journey you will learn your Core Erotic BlueprintTM and take new levels of ownership of who you are as an erotic being. You will also discover how to determine the Blueprints of others and how best to create exquisite connection.

Whatever your stage, resting, healing, curious, adventurous or transformative, I can create your individualised journey for you or you and your partner with the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course.TM

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Photography by Jade MacQuilken and Happy Lion Films