Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™

Pleasure Waves is delighted to bring you Your Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course!®

This life-changing 8 module online program with individualised coaching allows you to discover how to truly connect to yourself and others.

Energetic; couple; blueprint

Experiencing life through your own Erotic Blueprint™ allows you to understand what turns you on, what turns you off and how to live your life with deepening access to pleasure.

Knowing the Erotic Blueprint of others adds a whole new dynamism to relationships!

The Erotic Blueprints were developed by the amazing Jaiya Ma through her years of experience as a Sexological Body Worker.  The Blueprints have now evolved into a personalised coaching program. Pleasure Waves takes you on a deep dive, exploring the Erotic Blueprints, creating personal transformation!

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Photography by Jade MacQuilken